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Water Intrusion & Loss

Inspection Services 


Whether it be roof leakage, water intrusion through the building envelope, a leaky pipe or a back-up/overflow from the air conditioning system, we know water can be disastrous and very stressful to deal with, especially when it's difficult to find where it's coming from and figuring out how much it impacted. And to make things more difficult, if its not dried or resolved soon enough, you develop a higher probability of degrading building materials and developing mold growth within 24 to 48 hours.

With our knowledge and experience, we have the trained eyes and some of the best tools in the industry to help identify the probable source/origin(s) of moisture and the extent of its impaction. Similar to our "Mold Inspections", this type of inspection and report gives a detailed summary of findings with descriptions on what, where and why we think its occurred with photographs to match the descriptions, as well as recommendations for moisture corrections and remediation/clean-up following national standards and guidelines.

In an emergency water disaster situation, we highly recommend you contact a dry-out/restoration company ASAP to start the drying process to avoid further damage and the potential to develop mold growth. That being said, you may also want another set of eyes to ensure the work is properly performed where the moisture source/origin(s) have been resolved and all affected materials have been removed or restored to its original state, that's where we come in.

Our inspections have helped many of our clients, from identifying other areas of water damage and/or mold not discovered during a homeowner's insurance claim, to helping a general contractor identify moisture issues that do not pertain to their work to protect liability. Whatever the case may be, we take pride in tracking down these issues and guiding you in the right direction for resolution. 


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