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Indoor Allergens


Since we spend 98% of our time indoors, its no shocker that indoor allergens cause suffering to millions of people year-round with allergic type diseases like hay fever, asthma, sinusitis and other types of allergic reactions (i.e. sneezing, cough, hives, skin rashes, etc.). The most commonly known culprits of indoor allergens are pollen, dust mites, animal dander, mold and cockroaches. Most of the time, these types of indoor allergens can be identified and resolved by methods of cleaning, removal and/or by avoidance however, there're situations where more information may be needed to help identify their presence.


For an example, lets say you have really bad allergies to cats and you're in the process of buying or renting a home, only there is no background information about the previous owner as well as the knowing of previous pets being within the home. You walk through the home for a few minutes and start to develop allergenic type symptoms you would typically experience when exposed to cats although, you don't see any signs of cat hair to confirm it was there. This is where we can perform a dust sample of surfaces within the home to identify remnants of a cat dander which cannot be seen with the naked eye. That all being said, allergen testing/sampling can help you avoid severe allergic reactions to substances that are in your indoor environment. 

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