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Inspection & Sampling



For over 20 years, we have experienced it all when it comes to identifying mold issues in Florida.  For that very reason, we continue to be one of the most trusted and dependable names in the area, which is why our services are continuously used for homeowner concerns, remediation contractors, real-estate transactions, insurance claims, general contractors, schools, healthcare facilities, government facilities, hotels, restaurants, legal cases, etc. 

Mold Sampling: We provide many types of sampling options for mold which include air, surface, bulk, dust, carpet sampling, etc. Our collected samples are analyzed by accredited laboratories in  Florida.​ Sampling for mold can be essential in many ways, from helping to identify its presence and/or to help identify "elevated" spore concentrations that can impact the indoor air quality. That being said, it's highly recommended that sampling "not be" the only factor in determining a mold issue since it can be dormant, "hidden" behind building materials and/or simply does not justify the full extent of mold contamination, therefore giving the wrong impression that a mold issue doesn't exist or is being over exaggerated. In most cases, sampling for mold should only be used as an additional tool of information and works better in conjunction with a visual inspection to get the entire picture of what's occurring within the subject property. 


Mold Visual Inspection: When conducting our inspections for mold issues, we use specialized equipment that includes infrared thermal imaging cameras, various types of moisture meters and other handheld devices to help identify conditions conducive to mold growth. Each inspection report depending on the scope of work provides a detailed summary of findings giving descriptions on what, where and why we think its occurring with photographs to match the descriptions. The report also provides a summary of the lab results and recommendations for moisture corrections and remediation/clean-up following national standards and guidelines. 


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