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Post Remediation Verification 

A "PRV" Post Remediation Verification (also known as a clearance inspection and/or clearance testing) helps confirm the success of a mold remediation project before normal occupancy and/or build-back is performed.

The goal is to ensure that all existing moisture conditions that promote mold growth have been corrected and that all mold contaminated/non-restorable materials have been physically removed to Condition 1 (Normal Fungal Ecology) in accordance with the IICRC S-520 Standard and Reference Guidelines for Professional Mold Remediation.

This inspection is no different from our preliminary mold inspection where we use specialized equipment that includes infrared thermal imaging cameras, various types of moisture meters and other handheld devices to help identify conditions conducive to mold growth. Indoor air quality testing is also performed to make sure cross-contamination hasn't occurred and that normal fungal ecology has been achieved.


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