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Hurricane Ian Storm Damage Inspections

The devastation caused by Hurricane Ian impacted the lives of many as well as our very own at Radon and Mold Professionals, and while we wish everyone the best for quick recovery and rebuilding, we also want to remind anyone who experienced storm surge flooding to be aware of the damage that can be caused by "Category 3 Water" intrusion. Category 3 water is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents. Examples of Category 3 water include, but are not limited to: sewage; toilet backflows that originate from beyond the trap; all forms of flooding from seawater and rising water from rivers/streams or lakes; wind-driven rain from hurricanes. Such water may contain silt, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals, regulated materials or toxic organic substances. Porous and semi-porous substrates and building materials that have come in contact with Category 3 water are deemed as non-salvageable and should be removed/discarded.

That all being said, since the aftermath of the storm we have been encountering properties where demolition (i.e. flood cuts) have been performed but remaining storm impacted building materials were either not fully removed, are still "wet", and/or have developed mold growth and are not properly remediated or dried before build-back. As a result, newly installed building materials susceptible to absorbing moisture and/or subsequently causing mold growth are appearing after rebuild or are being covered making it difficult to identify ongoing issues. Therefore, if you're still in the process of demolition and/or rebuild, our storm damage inspection may be in your best interest to fully identify all storm impacted building materials where we can provide the proper information and recommendations for a successful remediation and rebuild.

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